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Wedding Videography & Wedding Photography

Your happily ever after starts with Josh Thompson Media! By combining quality with artistry, Josh Thompson Media creates long-lasting memories.

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Striking Images

The Josh Thompson Media Green Bay wedding photographers capture your most special and important wedding day moments to seamlessly complement the visual style that you love about our films. Blending artistry with experience, these photos come together in a luxury album that documents and celebrates your first day as a married couple--a family treasure you can hold in your hands and tangibly pass on as a legacy to future generations.

Motion Creates Emotion

Encapsulated into just a few minutes, the Josh Thompson Media Green Bay wedding videographers create films that capture all of the emotions that make a wedding day special. These classy and stunning films will give you a reason to sit down together on your anniversary and relive that special day. The wedding film becomes a treasured family heirloom that both of you can proudly share with the next generation. 

Seamless, Coordinated Photography & Videography

The professional team at Josh Thompson Media is unique in its ability to offer both Green Bay wedding photography and Green Bay wedding videography. Working as one team, the wedding photographer and wedding videographer find the best way to capture the love, joy and beauty of the wedding day. They coordinate their efforts into a seamless, low-stress experience for you. The results are stunning: vivid, artistic wedding photographs that tell the story of the special day.

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